Preschool Program



Structured planning is what sets ABCDino Academy apart from other preschools. You won’t find screens and electronic toys entertaining children here, our preschool program has been developed to inspire and promote intrinsic motivation to learn and grow. Activities throughout the day have been carefully selected and timed to give the maximum learning opportunity to each child while respecting the shorter attention spans of the youngest in our community. We foster a community feel and growth mindset in the younger children while developing empathy in those older as they learn to navigate activities in an inclusive manner.

There are multiple opportunities in a day for circle time and group activities to inspire and share. Free play and gross motor skill development give plenty of time to burn off energy, build strength, independence, and resilience. Project time allows your child to develop their interests and explore creativity and presentation skills. At ABCDino Academy, we have monthly themes to help guide children to learn about the world around them and encourage a lifelong love of learning. Choose ABCDino Academy for preschool services that deliver more than just a helping hand.

Monthly Themes

September: Back to School

October: Farm Fun

November: Things that Go

December: Awesome Oceans

January: DINOS!

February: Outer-space

March: Exploring our World

April: The Human Body

May: Plants & Food

June – August: Summer Camp Programming