Kylee Sullivan Co-Founder


The sky is the limit for Ms. Kylee. She is an involved owner of our WA centers, who loves making a impact on every child. From hugs to messy art projects Ms. Kylee goes the extra mile to ensure children are laughing and loving to learn.

  • Over 10 years of early childhood teaching experience
  • Early Childhood Education Certificate
  • Former Kindergarten Teacher
  • Kylee has been working with children since she was 12 years old and always dreamed of having a classroom of her own – she now has three of them!
  • Kylee is a twin mama to Ryker & Graycn

Kylee has always had a passion for helping others and has always had a niche for children. She used to plan out a day of “lesson plans” for children she would babysit in the summer. From rock painting to swim lessons Kylee would plan it all out. She was born and raised in Ellensburg, WA, after graduating she attended college and obtained her ECE. She and her boyfriend at the time (Cole) decided to leave Washington and moved to Texas where Cole started his journey to becoming a Lineman (no not the football kind). Once Cole got accepted into a apprenticeship program they bought a fifth wheel travel trailer and lived life on the road. Denver, CO was the first stop on the map. The job assignment was going to be longer than most, Kylee took a Kindergarten teaching job for a local school in Thornton, CO. She loved her job and fell in love even more with teaching. Due to the nature of the work they would chase the work and were moved around the Mountain States. One assignment landed them in Bozeman, MT where Kylee applied for an assistant teaching position at Dino Drop-In. She was hired and that is where her journey with Dino Drop-In started. About after six months of Kylee working for Dino Drop-In Cole got transferred to another city. Kylee was sad to say “goodbye” to Dino Drop-In but was grateful for the opportunity. Cole and Kylee continued to travel, about a year later they landed in Bozeman. MT again. Kylee joined the Dino Drop-In team again, this time for only about three months. The last stop on the map was California for Kylee and Cole until they deiced they were ready to move closer to family. Cole accepted a position in Tri Cities, WA. One day Kylee reached out to Jessica and said “If you ever open a Dino Drop-In in WA I will run it for you”. Two months after this conversation Jessica and Kylee opened their first Dino Drop-In in Kennewick WA as business partners. Cole proposed to Kylee while they were painting the walls of the soon to be center, they got married in 2019. In 2021 Kylee became a twin mama to Ryker and Graycn. In 2022 Kylee wanted to provide a full time childcare option to the community which is why she opened ABCDino Academy. Kylee loves serving the community, leading people and loves watching children achieve “hard things”.

Jessica Dehn Founder


No mountain is too high for Ms. Jessica. She is a hands-on founder, who loves dreaming big with your little ones and helping their ideas come to life through creative play, games, blocks, art, or where ever your child feels the most inspired.

  • Over a decade of early childhood education
  • Masters in Public Administration
  • Former Corporate Professional Career
  • Jessica has been working with children since she was 13 and loves being in the moment with all the little dinos we serve each day.
  • Jessica is the mom to three fabulous boys—Keaton, Orion & Ashton.

Jessica worked as a paraprofessional and lead teacher in early childhood education for over a decade while living in Minnesota. She moved on to the corporate world and working with startups when she moved to Montana and discovered her passion for creating companies that positively affect their communities. When she and her husband Jeff had their first son, Keaton, she continued to travel for work with baby in tow. Keaton went to staff meetings, food shows, and even high profile meetings with exporters. Jessica was torn. She wanted to spend as much time as possible with her son but also had a passion for building companies. The two could coexist most of the time but having an infant made portions of the day more challenging than necessary. After her second son, Orion, was born two years later it was clear that working with two little ones and no viable daycare wasn’t an option. She spent some months consulting with startups but wanted to take another deep dive into the entrepreneurial life. Dino Drop-In offers her the opportunity to pour her passion into a business and be with her little boys, seamlessly. Even better, she can offer this opportunity to other moms, growing in their careers, going back to school, and starting ventures of their own.